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Youth Wrestling USAW MyWay NuWay AAU

All MXW Members must have a USAW, MyWay, NuWay or AAU Card on file to serve as secondary sports accident insurance. Please note that USAW, AAU and MyWay Memberships should be purchased on 9/1/23. If you buy a membership prior to that, it will expire on 8/31/23.

The purchase price of $40 covers USAW membership for one year; from September 1 through August 31. 

MyWay Membership fees are $18 for one year; from September 1 through August 31. 

NuWay Membership fees are for one year; from August 13 through August 12.

AAU Membership fees are $14 for one year; from September 1 through August 31. (CLUB CODE W364EA)

Why do I need a USA Wrestling, NuWay, MyWay or AAU Membership Card? 
USA Wrestling, NuWay, MyWay and AAU are organizations that regulate all wrestling in the United States. They require that all wrestlers purchase a membership before participating in any of their sanctioned events, including club practices, camps, clinics, etc. This membership is for the protection of everyone involved and provides secondary insurance to those with the membership. Membership benefits include secondary, non-duplicating sports accident insurance provided by an outside carrier. There is sports accident supplemental benefits provided to affiliate members who participate in limited non-sanctioned events. 

You may purchase any of these memberships at any time during the year, however, the membership benefits do not apply retroactively and they do expire each year. Also, make sure you register with Midwest Xtreme Wrestling as your club. This membership is separate from MXW membership fees. Please note, in order to wrestle in any affiliated events, you may need to purchase an additional affiliate membership. For example, if you have a MyWay membership and would like to wrestle in a USAW event, you would need to purchase a USAW membership. Most often, MXW wrestles as a team in USAW affiliated events.

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